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I am court qualified and certified. Have never been refused the opportunity to testify. About 10% of my cases go to trial.

I offer a full precise report with illustrations that demonstrate my conclusions.


2,500 hours training in Forensic Document Examination, Handwriting Identification and Profiling. Studied with Dr. Marie Cassil form Kansas City in the late 70's. Certified by SAFE and IADE, International Association of Document Examiners.

Co founder and VP of IADE, creator of Signature ID Test which is a proficiency test for document examiners, since 2013.

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Over 37 years of experience involving wills, probate issues, anonymous writing, contracts, stock certificates, altered documents, electronically lifted signatures, bomb threats, fraudulent insurance issue or claims, death threats, embezzlement, divorce cases, forged checks, disability benefit issues, wrongful death......if it has to do with handwriting or documents.

Thousands of cases, hundreds of testimonies. Later testimonies available on request.

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Document Examiner (Forensic)   ,   Forgery   ,   Handwriting Analyst   ,   Handwriting Examiner

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