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3 New Categories Added 26/08/2014


The New Logo: How it will appear on the new look site in a few weeks after 8 months of development. Members will be carried over to the new design. Experts will receive instructions and log in details and then can add PDF CVs, videos and much more.

Currently Over 2300 Subject Areas.

'Reconciling Expert Witnesses With Lawyers Locally And Around The World'


Witness Directory has been listing leading expert witnesses for over 16 years. Thousands of lawyers and other legal professionals use this legal directory every week. It is a UK expert witness directory, US expert witness directory, Australian, Irish and Canadian expert directory.Android App


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Expert Witness News:

US News 28.07.14 Crash And Impact Expert Takes Stand To Give Evidence On A Fan Falling 19 Feet In Stadium Fall

US News 08.05.14 Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecutor Says Expert Witness Who Diagnosed Killer, Arias With PTSD After Boyfriend's killing Has Feelings For Her

UK News: 13.05.14 UK Academic Becomes Expert Witness Of Rap Lyrics. A UK academic has become an 'expert witness' of rap lyrics when connected to murder cases.

Aus News: 27.01.14 Australian Expert Witness Gives Key Testimony At The Hague

UK News: 21.01.14 Mr Justice Arnold Refuses To Rescue Himself In Case Where Expert Witness Was His Oxford Supervisor


"Witness Directory has been a very good tool for me as an expert
witness for several years and I would highly recommend them to anyone in
this line of business.? It reaches more real potential clients for me than
any of the other sites I use."

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