Linking Expert Witnesses With Lawyers
The Redesigned Witness Directory serves the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Canada. A cutting edge new design provides experts with editable home pages that experts log in and control with editable albums for photos, logos, C.V PDF files, movies and much more...
Linking Expert Witnesses With Lawyers
The Only Expert Directory Lawyers Need
Witness Directory has over 2300 specialist categories linking experts locally and globally with lawyers. Indeed, Witness Directory is a leader in matching experts with lawyers, government, law firms, legal, insurance, judicial, regulatory, legislative, business decision makers and professionals.
The Only Expert Directory Lawyers Need
Some Of The Most Knowledgeable Experts Witnesses
Established in 1996 by lawyers for lawyers and expert witnesses, Witness Directory was created to give lawyers a free way of finding expert witnesses with out the need for buying costly hardback books and paying broker fees. Now, renowned in legal circles it has an unchallenged number of users.
Some Of The Most Knowledgeable Experts Witnesses
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2 New Categories added 16/05/15. 

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Witness Directory has over 40,000 legal subscribers to it's regular expert witness news wire.


"Witness Directory has been a very good tool for me as an expert witness for several years and I would highly recommend them to anyone in this line of business.? It reaches more real potential clients for me than any of the other sites I use."

Roland Brown


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Listed: Some of the most knowledgeable expert witnesses. Many new features include option to hide your email.


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